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Weiss Infrared Thermometer


he latest in the line of Infra-red temperature measurement. Using the remote dual point Infra-red Thermometer by Weiss gets the job done quick, accurate and safe. If you can see it you can measure it. Designed to be contractor tough, the Weiss Infra-red Thermometer is ideal for measuring larger surface areas as well as for finding hot or cold spots by sweeping the dual points will guide you to wherever you need to measure. With instant on and instant temperature grabs you won't be wasting time on the job. Stand, Point, Shoot… job done.

Category: WEISS

Professional Grade:

• Measure temperature on larger surface areas than single point device.

• Dual Points guide you to optimal & accurate measurement target area.

• Measure temperature from farther distances with 14:1 ratio.


• Dual Laser Pointer


• Pistol Grip Design


• Back Light


• ± 2% Accuracy


• °F/°C Selection


• Auto Off


CAT. NO. Range Switchable
IR141 -58/986°F