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SEALUP is the professional choice to eliminate any leakage between the threads, the gaskets and the joints of the A/C systems. SEALUP forms a film that seals while remaning flexible and allowing its removal. SEALUP specific formula resists to every vibration and it’s effective on metal, plastic and rubber, it allows for the joints to be reopened and it’s easy to remove. It’s suitable to be used as a warranty seal. Use THOR to quickly remove sealant residues and to clean the surfaces before the application. BENEFITS Perfect sealant efficacy. It stays flexible. Effective on metals, plastics and rubber. Allows the joints to be reopened. Easy to remove. TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS Temperature: from -90°C to +200°C (-130°F ÷ +392°F). Pressure: from vacuum (-1 Bar) up to 500 Bar (-15 psi ÷ 7252 psi)

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