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MODEL # R410a

R410A, a colorless gas at room temperature, is a blend refrigerant of R32 and R125.It becomes transparent liquid under the pressure created by itself. Mainly it is a substitute of R22, used in air conditioning and refrigeration system. Physical Properties: Formula: CH2F2/CHF2CF3 Molecular Weight: 72.58 Boiling Point (101.3KPa, ~C): -52 Critical Temperature (~C): 72.2 Critical Pressure (KPa): 4964 Liquid Density (25C,g/cm3):1.066 ODP: 0 GWP: 0.29 Quality Standard: Purity, %?99.5 Moisture, ppm?10 Acidity, ppm?1 Vapor Residue, ppm?100 Appearance, Colorless