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R404A refirgerant

MODEL # R404A refirgerant

R-404A is a blend refrigerant of HFC125, HFC-134a and HFC-143. AlliedSigal Inc.??s patent number is AZ-50. It is a long life substitute of R502, harmless to Ozone. It is mainly used in Iow and middle central commercial air re-frigeration system. Typical Properties: Formula: OH F2CF3/CF3OH2F/OH3CF3 Boiling Point (101.3KPa, ~C): -46.1 Freezing Point (~C): -- Critical Temperature (~C): 72.4 Critical Pressure (KPa): 3688.7 Liquid Density (kg/m3): 1017.2 ODP: 0 GWP: 0.35