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Danfoss Thermostatic Expansion Valves

MODEL # T2, TES2, TEX2, TEN2 Models in stock

Thermostatic expansion valves regulate the injection of refrigerant liquid into evaporators. Injection is controlled by the refrigerant superheat. Therefore the valves are especially suitable for liquid injection in ”dry“ evaporators where the superheat at the evaporator outlet is proportional to the evaporator load.

Category: Danfoss

Features and benefits

Fast and easy to install

Wide temperature range

Interchangeable orifices assembly

Available with Maximum Operating Pressure

Long service life and easy maintenance


Product name: Thermostatic expansion valve, Type: TN 2, Inlet size [in]: 3/8 IN, Inlet connection type: FLARE, Outlet connection type: SOLDER, Internally equalized