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Danfoss Sight Glasses

MODEL # Sight Glasses Type SGP

Danfoss sight glasses are designed to accurately indicate the presence of moisture in refrigeration and air-conditioning systems. When system moisture content rises above permissible levels, the “dry/green” indicator will change to yellow indicating a “wet” system. The indication of dangerous moisture levels is essential in helping prevent the formation of harmful acids which are detrimental to the system. Danfoss offers two types of sight glasses; inline and vessel mount. Inline sight glass, type SGP N is used in the system’s liquid line to indicate both the condition and moisture content of the refrigerant. They incorporate an indicator which changes color dependent on the moisture content. Type SGP N is recommended for HFC refrigerants. Vessel sight glasses, type SGP RN are specially designed to be mounted directly on either a receiver or the compressor crankcase to indicate liquid level. Type SGP RN are available with a refrigerant moisture indicator which can be used with all fluorinated refrigerants

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*Corrosion Resistant brass body design

*Moisture indicator -Green for Dry - Yellow for Wet

*High Visibility View port