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Danfoss Shut off Diaphragm Valve

MODEL # BML 6,10,12,15, and 18 in stock

BML are manual shut-off diaphragm valve designed for installation in the liquid, suction and hot gas lines of refrigeration plants. BML valves can be delivered with flare, ODF solder or ODF solder with extended ends. In the same product category, BMT 6 is a three-way manual shut-off valve with similar characteristics.

Category: Danfoss

Solder versions can be used for HCFC, HFC and yHC flammable refrigerants.

Valve plate of polyamide nylon to give complete shut-off with minimum torque.

Valve cover with counter-seat to prevent the ingress of moisture.

Solder versions are compliant with ATEX hazard zone 2.

DKRCC.PD.FA0.A6.02 / 520H9693

Flare versions can be used for HCFC and non flammable HFC refrigerants.

Fitted with three stainless steel diaphragms that prevent leakage throughout the operating life of the valve.