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Danfoss Filter Driers


Danfoss DCL/DCB filter driers offer industry leading system protection. These driers use a mixture of molecular sieve and activated alumina to both adsorb system moisture and capture acid and prevent solid contaminants from entering the system. Moisture can clog an expansion device with ice, reducing system efficiency, or can form acids which damage the compressor and other components. Solid contaminants can clog expansion devices and wear compressors prematurely. Selecting a Filter Drier For aftermarket service, most contractors choose this blend of molecular sieve and activated alumina for both high moisture capacity and acid adsorption capacity. Type DAS are used in the suction line to clean up refrigeration and AC systems with fluorinated refrigerants after a compressor burn-out. The solid core adsorbs harmful acids as well as moisture to protect the compressor from premature failure. Danfoss filter driers function as simple drop-in replacements for most driers sold in the aftermarket or installed on equipment by manufacturers. All Danfoss filter driers are constructed with a solid core design to maximize moisture removal while minimizing pressure drop. Other product features and benefits are depicted in the pictures below.

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<p> * One piece plasma welded shell minimizes risk of refrigerant loss</p> <p> * Eliminator core for the highest possible drying capacity</p> <p> * Black, high quality and durable coating offers a cleaner appearance after brazing</p> <p> * Easy to remove pull-off cap for sweat or twist-off cap for flare</p> <p> * High dirt retention - down to 25 um particles- with minimal pressure drop</p>

<p> http://choose.danfoss.com/support/product-selection06/</p>