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Castel Receiver Valves

MODEL # Castel Receiver Valves

RECEIVER VALVES The receiver valves can be divided into three categories: • Two-way valves, 90° angle connections, types 6110 and 6120 • Three-way valves; two main connections (90° angle) plus a third one for charging, type 6132. The access connection may be shut off by the back-sealing of the spindle • Two-way valves, 120° angle connections, type 6140 The main parts of the receiver valves are made with the following materials: • Hot forged brass EN 12420 – CW 617N for the body. • Steel, with proper surface protection, for the spindle. • Chloroprene rubber (CR) and aramid fibres for gland seal • Glass-reinforced PBT for the protective cap that covers the spindl

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