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AKO Advanced Temperature Controller

MODEL # AKO 16524A

AKO-16524A ADVANCED TEMPERATURE CONTROLLER FOR THE OPTIMIZATION OF REFRIGERATOR CAMERAS Efficiently regulates all camera loads, including defrosts, door frame and drain resistors, fan management, compressor starts and door and lighting management Its SELFDRIVE function evaluates at all times the operation and use of the camera to automatically autoparameterize without the need for complex programming Incorporates MOBUS and CAMM Module to register and demonstrate the optimization and level of efficiency achieved

Category: AKO

  • Positive and negative cold rooms
  • Management of defrosts via air, electric or hot gas
  • Valid as integral table (management of condensing unit and evaporator), or service panel (solenoid and evaporator management)


  • Drastic reduction of the defrosting time and the electrical consumption of the drainage resistance
  • Extends the range in Setpoint of the camera, directly influencing a better conservation of the product
  • Reduces the operating time of the compressor and the number of starts, affecting a lower power consumption and a longer operating life of the components of the installation
  • Reduces thermal stress and vibrations in the liquid line, reducing the risk of refrigerant gas leaks
  • Keeps record of all key parameters of the installation, including temperatures, setpoint time, compressor operation, defrosts, open door, alarms, HACCP, and even changes in configuration
  • It is configured with only two parameters, and from there, the team self-manages in search of optimal functioning of the camera
  • Reduces installation and start-up times thanks to its exclusive autoconfiguration Wizard