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Sollatek Voltshield range of Switchers prevent damage to electrical and electronic equipment and appliances from power fluctuations, specifically over and under voltage levels of long duration. When the mains power supply fluctuates outside preset tolerances (nominally 190V and 260V) the power to your equipment is disconnected by the Switcher. The Switcher then monitors the voltage for a short period to ensure the power has stabilized before reconnecting. In addition, a start up delay period provides protection against power back surges commonly experienced after resumption of power in a power cut situation. Surge and spike protection is also incorporated to ensure protection. For complete protection simply plug the Switcher into the mains and plug in your appliances. Protection is Automatic! All Sollatek products are designed and prototyped by our engineers at our facility based in the United Kingdom from where they are shipped to over 190 countries around the world.