Eyyani is a leading designer, manufacturer and exporter of CE certified External rotor motors, single and dual inlet Blower, Axial Fans, Centrifugal Fans and Inline Duct Fans. The company is ISO 9001-2008 certified and its External Rotor Motors are CE certified.


The NK range is designed for industrial refrigeration, conservation or deep-freezing applications. NK version T (large heat-exchange surface): – Adapted to humidity-sensitive products. – Reduced number of daily defrost cycles offering a reduction in electrical power consumption. NK version H (high efficiency): – Adapted to the storage of packed products. Economical choice, wide range of options for specific industrial applications (pressure sleeve, defrost…) 4 fin spacing distances: 4, 6, 9, 12 mm. 2 fan diameters for air throw adapted to the application. Two-speed fans as standard. Market segments: Process Product family: Air heat exchangers Product range: Industrial unit cooler Type: Cubic Capacity range (kW): 7 > 130 Fluid: HFC, CO2 (R744), Glycol water


The axial fan moves the air axially. The axial fan impellers are made of sheet metal and are welded on to the external rotor motor directly, making it a compact axial fan unit. The Axial fan helps in the exchange of hot or cold air and it is used in smoke exhaust, control panels, rectifiers, and condenser cooling and air ventilation system. Sizes of the fans available are from Ø 200mm to 630mm. Air flow varies from minimum of 500CMH to 9000CMH max. Low noise level and High efficiency. Insulation Class ‘F’ Accessories including Flat guard grilles, basket guard grilles and wall rings available.


In-line centrifugal duct fans are the ideal for residential, commercial and industrial ventilation applications. The quiet and efficient backward-curved impeller is capable of developing sufficient amount of pressure, and this configuration simplifies installation. The in-line duct fans assembly consists of a round casing. The fan casing is manufactured from pre-galvanized steel with deep drawn tooling. External rotor motor with backward curved plastic or metallic impellers fixed over it. These fans are connected in line with ducting system to suck and deliver the air with less noise level and without leakage. Size (diameter) available is 100,125,150,200,250,315,350 and; 400mm. Air flow from 300cmh to 4200cmh *Currently No Stock Available*


Single inlet centrifugal Blowers have an opening on one side. The characteristic features of this product range are increased static pressure, low noise level, good air flow, efficient and space-saving. Size of impellers used Ø120 to Ø225. Airflow varies from minimum of 140CMH to 1450CMH maximum. *Currently Not Available in Stock*


Dual inlet centrifugal blowers have an opening on both sides. The characteristic features of this product range are increased air flow and are energy efficient. Sizes of the impellers used are from Ø108mm to 250mm. Air flow varies from minimum of 800CMH to 4600CMH max.


The centrifugal fan consists of an external rotor motor with a plastic or metallic backward curved impeller assembly. Centrifugal backward-curved fans are used mainly for intake suction. It is used for continuous operation. Centrifugal fans have very good efficiency and a low noise level. These centrifugal fans are used in applications such as air conditioning units and in clean room equipments. High Hydraulic Efficiency Range Ø190mm to Ø400mm. Air flow 570CMH to 3150CMH Static Pressure 180 Pa to 250 Pa Noise Level 53dB(A) to 68dB(A)