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Everything You Need To Know About Surge Protection and Devices

We live in an era where technology has made almost everything possible. From electric vehicles to smart home appliances, we are witnessing it all. Most of these technological wonders run on electricity and electricity is something that needs our utmost attention and care while using it.

Yes, I am talking about maintaining the flow of the current i.e voltage. We often see the voltages fluctuating, this means it either comes very down or goes very up. Let’s talk about the surge in voltage which means the voltage goes up than the needed level. This isn’t surely a good sign.

Neither for the appliances nor for the source. Hence we must be extremely careful with the surge and should do everything possible for surge protection. Before we start discussing it, let us first know a little about it so that our ideas are clear and we are able to understand it clearly.

The surge in the voltage simply means when it crosses the required limit i.e when it goes higher than the required unit. This can lead to various hazards and accidents. Take an example of a balloon that has a limited air capacity and you keep blowing air in it. A point reaches where the balloon blasts.

The same is the case here, once there is a surge in voltage it damages the appliances. Now the question is how do we protect our appliances from damage? This is where the surge protectors come in. These are devices used to control the frequency of the electrical current flowing to your electronic appliances like computers and televisions.

You may not even count this as an electronic appliance at your place but trust me it is equally or more important than the other appliances as it acts as a damaged controller.

How does it work?

When a  surge protector is connected to a power source, one can then insert a plug of any computer appliance into outlets on the device so that when the electric voltage spikes or surges, the device directs the excess voltage to a grounding wire. Inside the power surge, there is a metal oxide varistor that is between the grounding wire and the current wire. The MOV diverts the excess voltage into the grounding wire. There are a lot of questions in the minds of people regarding surge and surge protection devices. Well below are some of the points you should keep into consideration while looking to buy a surge protection device.

The Number of Outlets :

When you are using a surge protection device at your home or office, it is extremely important to make sure that it has enough outlets which can accommodate the maximum number of appliances so that the damage is controlled to the maximum. Having a high number of outlets allows us to be on a safer side compared to the ones with a lesser number of outlets. Hence make sure to choose the best one.

Placement of Outlets :

It is not just the number of outlets that are important but also their placement. This might look less important but if you notice its importance you’ll come to know how important the placement is. I mean if there are many outlets but not strategically placed, they are useless. They should be placed in a way that all the outlets can be used at the same time meaning that there should be ample space between them for the plugs to fit perfectly. So while you go to purchase one, make sure that you take care of this as well.

Joule Count :

You must be aware of the fact that the surge protection devices protect the devices in the form of units and those units are called joules. The higher the number of joules, the better it can protect your appliances. As per experts, if your surge protector has 1000 joules capacity, it is enough for the small devices, and if above that it can manage the bigger appliances as well. Hence, choosing the protector with the required units is a must.

These were some of the points one should keep into consideration while buying a surge protection device. A perfect device is one that matches all your requirements exactly. Have you tried ours yet? If not, try one today and be assured about all the required factors.

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